Fisheries Management

Fisheries Management

Laboratory investigation on the use of strobe lights and bubble curtains to deter dam escapes of age-0 Muskellunge

After observing countless stocked Muskellunge Esox masquinongy escape reservoirs over dams, we were curious to see whether a relatively low cost barrier or guidance system could be implemented to reduce this loss. Since success of such barriers has been mixed depending on species and nothing had been tried on Muskellunge, we examined the effectiveness of a simple bubble curtain, strobe light, and bubble curtain with strobe light barriers to deter Muskellunge from escaping over spillways. We found that age-0 Muskellunge are more likely to escape during the day than over the night and that none of the barrier types reduced rate of escape.

IMG_9746             IMG_0158DSC_2742             Electro


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