Volunteering has always and continues to be a huge part of my life. Below are some of the organizations I have had the pleasure to work under.

American Field Service Intercultural Programs

Through the U.S. Department of State, I have been certified to select student ambassadors. My positions as liaison and returnee ambassador charge me with overseeing families and exchange students, working with multiple high schools, organizing and running orientation programs, community outreach, and chaperoning international high school students.

International Volunteer Action Corps

Serving under IVAC, I performed service projects throughout Central America from building a playground at an orphanage to restoring an old school. While abroad we try to learn as much about the history of the place we are in and the culture of the people as well as give back to the community we are living in. In the United States, we promote intercultural community involvement and service.

Stern Tutoring and Alternative Techniques of Education (STATE)

Through the STATE program, I mentored students with learning disabilities. I taught positive study habitats, identified and addressed areas of weakness, monitored progress, and offered support.

Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center

While a Parelli trainer and rehabilitator at Beekman I rehabilitated abused horses then trained them to work with disabled adults and children.

Family of Strength Organization

As a liaison I raised funds for small grass root organizations in Sub-Saharan African villages that care for orphans and vulnerable children struck by the HIV-AIDS crisis and coordinated programs to educate the public in the United States about these issues.

Cat Tail Farms Feline Sanctuary

As volunteer coordinator and a board member of Cat Tail Farms I recruited and trained volunteers, planned and assisted with future sanctuary projects, budgeted expenses, raised funds, led meetings, headed outreach program, public relations for the sanctuary, designed and ran website, converted all paper records to computer database. In addition to caring for, socializing and providing medical treatment to FIV+ and feline leukemia cats, rescue horses, goats, sheep, ducks and pigs.

Michigan State University Associated Students of Michigan State University

I served as College Representative and Policy Board member where I oversaw a 1.5 million dollar budget to support over 550 registered student organizations, started the collegiate readership program, lobbied for the Good Samaritan Policy, funded scholarships, and ran the iVote campaign. This position provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with members of City Council and meet with state officials to discuss plans of integrating the university, community, and capital.



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